Exclusive: HUD’s Carson on False Claims Act – “The monster has been slayed”

May 31, 2021

  Just over two years ago, Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson told the crowd at the 2017 Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Conference in Denver that HUD was working with the Department of Justice to address the use of the False Claims Act to extract massive settlements out of lenders. And now, two years later, Carson […]

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The 6 Factors That Influence Exchange Rates

May 28, 2021

    Every day, close to $5 trillion of currency gets exchanged on global markets.   It’s a market that’s running continuously for 24 hours per weekday around the world – and transactions can happen using different mechanisms, such as spot transactions, outright forwards, foreign exchange swaps, currency swaps, or the use of other types […]

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15 Greatest Gold Heists of All Time

May 26, 2021

  The 15 Greatest Gold Heists of All Time Gold is valuable and extremely rare, and therefore the yellow metal is usually protected at all costs. However, there have been multiple occurrences in history where evildoers have breached security measures and bullion has fallen into the wrong hands. Today we count down the stories of […]

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Trump threatens to “substantially” raise tariffs

May 9, 2021

  President Donald Trump told business leaders in a speech to the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday he might not be done raising tariffs on Chinese goods. If Beijing doesn’t agree to America’s trade terms, he said, “we’re going to substantially raise those tariffs.” “They are dying to make a deal,” Trump said, […]

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Fed’s new inflation policy may lead to higher mortgage rates

May 5, 2021

  Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Thursday announced a major shift in monetary policy that will allow the central bank to use inflation averaging, rather than the current practice of setting a hard target. Speaking at a video-only version of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s annual conference, Powell said the Fed will […]

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St Louis Stress index

5 indicators that will show when the housing market is rebounding

April 6, 2021

  These are dark times. But even in dark times, we are preternaturally prepared to see the end of the tunnel.  If we are diligent, we will be able to identify the return of hope and light coming back into the American economy. While no one could truly know when we’ll see the end of […]

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Housing Plan

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg unveils sweeping plan for “housing justice”

March 9, 2021

  With the Nevada Caucus just a few days away, things should soon begin to get a little clearer in terms of who the real frontrunner is for the Democratic nomination for president.  Current odds place Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, as the favorite, although former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg appears to have some […]

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